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Add beautiful bread and pork!

It takes a village to help feed a village. While Fat Chicken Farm provides the vegetables for your table, we partner with a local artisan baker and a farm that raises pastured pork to help round out your meal. Meet our foodie buddies!

Karl's Bread

Karl's Bread.jpg

Artisan baker Karl Jonas and his family have been bringing fresh-baked bread and other treats to farmers markets for many years. We have also partnered with Karl's Bread to add a bread share option to our CSA for the last decade; you can sign up for an every-week or every-other-week addition of bread to your CSA basket. Karl bakes a wide variety of breads, so you would enjoy a selection of sourdough, multigrain, garlic, parmesan, asiago cheese, rosemary olive oil, bagels, rye, and more during the season. It's all fresh-baked and completely delicious; Karl's bread is the bread we choose in our own household. Prices for the bread shares vary; consult the current food share agreement for the latest bread share cost.

Karl's fresh bread.jpg
Bear Creek Acres selection.jpg

Bear Creek Acres

Bear Creek Acres barn.jpg

Mary Ann and Shannon Wycoff have operated Bear Creek Acres farm in Embarrass for a long time -- we bought our first pork share from them many years ago. They are wonderful, hardworking, honest people who raise pork and beef on pasture, where the animals can bask in the fresh air and sunshine and roam where they please. When you sign up for a Bear Creek Acres pork share, you'll get a wide variety of pork cuts and products throughout the year, all packaged, frozen, and ready to eat or tuck away in your freezer for another day. Their products include ribs, pork chops, pork steaks, brat patties, wild rice brats (our personal favorite), ground pork, ribs, and of course, bacon. Mary Ann is always sure to include plenty of bacon in the late-summer pork shares, so you can make as many BLTs with our heirloom tomatoes and Karl's artisan bread as your heart desires. As with Karl's bread, the pork share prices vary year to year, so check the latest food share agreement for the current price.

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